Who we are?

Connexiz is a fast growing independent provider of Technology recruiting, IT staffing services and IT jobs. Attracting and retaining Human resources with top talent is increasingly becoming a vital component of any growing enterprise. HR managers are tasked with handling the shift in demand for key personnel and implementing policies that will guarantee best talent for a long time.

We at Connexiz, inspired by our candidates, create talent pools based on each candidate's skills, knowledge and cultural suitability. These talent pools enable us to match the best people available for those roles that meet the individual and the Employer's criteria.

Connexiz is a technology Staffing company specializing in the placement of senior professionals in a diverse range of sectors. Each of our recruitment teams focuses on its own niche area, and our recruitment consultants are experts at pro-actively seeking rewarding and relevant job vacancies that will empower our candidates to take the next step in their careers.

As part of our commitment to exceptional recruitment, we work hard to understand each of our clients' businesses and become an integral part of their resourcing set-up. We ally ourselves to the strategic human resource vision of the clients, rather than just filling the tactical work orders. We not only have the capabilities to provide skilled professionals, in a quick time, for the pressing contract needs, but also the knowledge and know-how of supplying permanent resources, aligned to the strategic aspirations of the client.

Our Solutions

Our Software Solution services include Web development, customized application development as well as product development. At Connexiz, we use technology to create powerful solutions that are focused on such critical areas as enhancing customer relations, optimize operations and increasing revenue opportunities.