Connexiz Singularity

Partners Not Vendors

At Connexiz, filling technical requirements is not the goal; we stress on building long term client relationships with a manageable portfolio of clients whom we know intimately. The cornerstone of our success is based on a deep understanding of not just our clients' needs in terms of technical skills and team and company culture, but the way in which they work, so as to ensure that our two companies dovetail seamlessly throughout the recruitment process. This greater understanding of our clients enables us to develop an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that will attract the best IT talent in a highly-competitive labor market.

A Time tested methodology

We, at Connexiz, believe that staffing should not be REACTIVE, and that the best talent could not be found on job portals. Most Recruiting firms and recruiters are not trained to think strategically. Recruiters are taught to fill an immediate need and most of their duties are operational and tactical. For us, success depends on Recruiters and Recruitment Managers thinking strategic and long term. We obtain an insight into our customers' business needs, business process, environment and work culture. Based on this knowledge, we develop talent pipeline in our proactive recruiting instead of transacting a reaction recruiting.

With the speed with which technology is changing, the skills shortages are on the up. Combine it with improved levels of employee retention, and we have a situation at hand that warrants improved and novice ideas to sourcing of the right talent. Our composite advertising and search programs ensure we always have a range of quality jobseekers on our books. This approach, together with our vast experience in IT recruitment, makes us confident in filling even the toughest of positions.

Service Excellence & Innovation

At the core of our approach are our valuable long-term relationships with clients. These are built on trust, mutual respect and great commitment to the highest standards of service and one of the most comprehensive service portfolios available.

In addition to a focus on service excellence, we continue to innovate within our service range, in direct response to the market, the growing pressures on contract users to work within increasingly complex employment legislation, and indeed in collaboration with individual organizations that require a customized solution.

Customized Service coupled with cutting-edge technology

Through ongoing investment in our staff and technologies, we are able to provide you with a bespoke service that accurately meets your requirements. Our dedicated resourcing and research team includes top tier professionals, all of whom possess up-to-date business intelligence, market knowledge and industry expertise.

Sourcing candidates both locally and nationally, our unique model is focused around a variety of search and selection methodologies. Through advertising and networking strategies, sophisticated market mapping and business intelligence techniques, our network of consultants are able to pinpoint those professionals on our database or in our network who match the criteria of each requirement.